3ECK Ex-Post

Text: Kleiner & Noll

Fanzines have always been a part of skateboarding and are more than some self-printed magazines. Often they are made with a good portion of: “There is nothing to lose and nothing to care about!”. Fanzines had gradually disappeared with the arrival of internet and now they are making a comeback, surely due to the overdose of digital information. A big difference between a Fanzine and a blog is based on the fact that no matter what happens, what you have written or read in a Fanzine can’t be changed or deleted. And personally, I like to own stories, written on paper, set on a shelf, maybe stored in a box.

We are happy to share the “3ECK Ex-Post” Fanzine by our collective member Lars with you! Check out a few photos below and read what Lars has to say about “3ECK Ex-Post”.

“Secret of youth or trapped in Stattbad Wedding. After two years I’ve managed to sift through all my negatives and scan them. The result is a 40-page A5 zine with analog Black / White Photography. On display are impressions of the 3eck, the exhibition period to Rampenlicht and some participating non-swimmers in Stattbad Wedding from January to June, 2012. Passages from documents that were written in this time of Timothy H. Sontag, underpin the flow of images.If you want to support the wooden “Die Welle – Wedding wave” at Stattbad Wedding this summer you can buy this paper plant at Pinkhaus, Search and Destroy, StaalPlaat and by sending me an email: larsnoll(at)gmx.de. enjoy your stay.” Lars Noll.