pic: patrick kleiner, lars noll

text: thobias thomas  clip: francisco saco

The idea of the 3ECK pyramide raised with the possibility to participate at „48STUNDEN NEUKÖLLN“. Francisco forced us to come up with a new concept and discover NEUKÖLLN for the right location.
Out of the pool and back on the streets.
Basically the inversion of the triangle miniramp and its 3 convex sides were modified to one concave (quaterpipe), one straight (kicker) and one convex side (wobble).
Luckily we could work together with „YOUNG ARTS NK“ and use their backyard as a new playground.
Francisco was focused to put up a 3 monitor videoinstallation, while we were organising the wood for a 2 day spectacle.
The ramp was set up in 3 days. The magnificent time of construction is the best. All the good boys were out there to join and help building the pyramide. The session finally could start for tons of variations in transfering and playing around the 3 different sides.
After 48 hours everything diappeared as quick as it came to live on as a beautiful imagination. All palaces are temporary palaces.