Kate Bellm for LoveMe

Quiet a while ago we caught up with LoveMe Collective member and friend Kate Bellm. You could call Kate the rising star of fashion photography. From regularly contributing work to Vice Magazine to publications in magazines such as Vogue, Indie, Nylon or whatever else you could think of – it seems like Kate‘s all over fashion-affine media right now.
Her style could be described as a reflection of being interested in all kinds of quirky urban persona with a stress on the young and wild. Think of Nan Goldin or Guy Bourdin as references. So one afternoon during the “Rampenlicht“ exhibition we met up at Stattbad Wedding. There was some skateboarding, cold drinks and an all laid back atmosphere. On the outcome there are some beautiful pictures by Kate that should speak for themselves.


Check out here work under www.katebellm.com