It’s people, the things they do, and the way they go about living that make a place worth mentioning. Take the south of Germany and Zuerich for example.
For that reason we headed down south to skate some diy concrete bowls, hidden overflow chambers, an indoor miniramp with poolcoping and to hit the streets. We really wanted to ride our skateboards from spot to spot, and i think that’s worth mentioning every once in a while.
After some really nice days in konstanz, we rode in a campervan to zuerich and parked that thing next to the beastbowl. For the next few days this was our beautiful homebase.
Zuerich is quite expensive but the food is good, the streets are perfect and we found some awesome spots, from a really rough brick quarter, perfect slappy curbs to that awesome concrete hip at the inner courtyard of this huge office building.