ConCav Perching Stool

Text // Pictures: Thomas


After one semester locked up in the woodworkshop breathing dust of coloured plywood, it is finally time to show the result of some busy working days. The ongoing process of transforming trashed skateboards into longlasting products led to an office chair made for perching and sitting at a high table. Free movement and flexibility instead of a monotone sitting position.
We had a nice sunday morning with good light at the Sunst Studio that created the right atmosphere for the shooting. The office scenario was easily arranged with a high desk, the perching stool and busy Dennis. The shooting was focused on the colourful appearence of the reduced construction and the ergonomic form of the stool. In the end I was really happy that the product found its way back where it comes from. Foolin’ arround with your homies turns out to bring the most honest and playful results.
Thanks to Sunst Studio, Dennis & Patrick for the nice session!
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