Dennis Pohl MK1 Part


The important part of making a skate-part is the process of editing. I sat pretty concentrated with shaking legs in front of my computer, wondering why none of the songs for Dennis’ Part ain’t work for me. He’s not a rail, gap or tech skater. So what type of music could work for him? My eyes got tired and I wasn’t able to combine footy and music. I decided to sleep on it for a night and ask Dennis about his thoughts. Next day, Dennis showed up to fix this miserable situation. This time, both of us sat pretty concentrated without shaking legs in front of our three-year-work, but constantly putting cigarettes into the ashtray. I cannot remember what we exactly did during that time, but after eight hours we were totally happy with our result. At the top of it, we were really surprised what character arose from this co-work. What is Dennis really all about?