Well, after the release of our latest clip we got plenty of shit for not having a single trick on transition in there. So it was only natural that the team management had to lay the law to the team and send them to THE TRANSITION BOOT CAMP for a weekend.
On the first day the crew got exercised by the flying tampon till dawn and after a few mandatory beers they all fell into their camp beds with a smile on their faces. More or less. let’s see if the camp succeeds in turning this bunch of transition losers into a crew of rough pool ripping bastards.

Day two was all about the chainsaw.
The idea was to introduce the heart and soul of transition to the candidates. And is there any better way to do this than by letting them build a ramp with their own hands?
In the beginning the crew was hyped on that idea to an extend that they came up with the craziest plans for a ridiculous mini ramp combination. Wallrides, vert extensions, corners, wobbles. Well, also banks, hips, london gaps and so on. Seems like you can‘t get rid of that street blood running through their veines.
In the end some of the guys managed to weasel out to some abandoned places in the old chinabone factory to work on their street skating skills. Or on tailwhips.

So what to say. Let‘s see how they do when the building project is finished.

THE TRANSITION BOOT CAMP will be continued for sure.