Friday Noon

Text & Pictures: Patrick Kleiner


Koni, Malte, Francisco and myself decided to skate that new diyspot in prenzlauer berg. Unfortunately we went there by car, on a friday afternoon, probably the worst idea you can imagine, we stuck in traffic forever. Everybody started getting pissed and after 30 minutes we still were somewhere in kreuzberg. luckily francisco started rapping some wu-tang lyrics over some beats and the time flew by. We made it through the traffic to the crowed diyspot and left 15 minutes later. Up to the next streetspot in mitte. A nice window ledge gap to window ledge spot. Immediately a woman came up to us yelling something about how irresponsible we are and that she is going to call the cops. Five minutes later koni stuck the trick and we went off. Good times on a friday afternoon.