Hannes Schilling MK1 Part


One category to describe Hannes skating would be double speechlessness. If he goes to a certain a spot, he doesn’t talk about the ‘how’ and ‘if’ of a trick. He announces an modest idea and turns it into a hard and stylish trick. During such a session, he creates a very intense atmosphere where everyone should and will be quiet. You want to see him landing crazy moves. His ender was a session like that. We went to Nordbahnhof and he just told us after two other tricks on that rail, that he just got an idea. Curious silence infested us. There was no doubt that he would land the trick. He knows what he does and the other way around. Hannes needs no long and hard discussion with himself or others participants of that session. He can do every trick he wants to as long as there is an unspoken faith in his abilities. He thanked me for every filmed trick which means no other than the cordially reflection of unquestionable confidence.