Hannes Schilling

Welcomeclip by Martin Küpper

Love Me Collective is pleased to announce that from now on no one less than Hannes Schilling will enrich our crew and as of now shred Berlin‘s streets and periphery on Love Me Skateboards. Most of you should already be familiar with Hannes‘ skills on a wooden toy. The happier we are now to welcome an oustanding person to our roster, who on his board as much as in life in general has an outstanding and inspiring approach to things. His without doubt remarkable capabilities on a skateboard aside we are honestly glad to have someone like him in our collective: part-time gypsy and full-time lover of sound and vision. Hannes at this point wants to thank his long-time supporters Cucain Skateboards. Big Ups! Filmed by Lars Noll & Martin Küpper, Edit By Martin Küpper