"I should have stayed at home" - Exhibition by Tobias Haussmann

A slovenian love story:

A few years back everything started, when a bunch of crazy and lovable slovenians invaded the prude city of Constance for an art exhibition by the one and only Lele. He brought the whole pumpa diy / bold rider / R.O.W. (Rednecks on wood) crew with him. Everyone of these guys is an individually crazy and talented person. So why not have a band as well? Call it SRCKI (heart) and let’s just be naked??!! Their performance just blew everybodys mind and enlightened the art scene in Constance. Out of nowhere people start shaving each other, ditch their clothes and just go to be who they want to be..SLOVENIANS.. Everybody who has ever met them, also has fallen deeply in love with these guys. And so did we!

So it was just about time, that someone made an exhibition to honor these guys. To get an impression of the times we got to experience with them, visit Tobis exhibition!

Klimperkasten Konstanz

Bodanstraße 40 

78462 Konstanz, Germany 

Date 13.4.2016 

Time 20:00 

Music by Dj Tino TornadoThank you Tobi!