In schā’a llāh

Text & Picture: Schilling

Loveme’s Hannes Schilling lived for several months in Jerusalem. Since a few weeks he is back in europe and we are glad to share this photograph and his personal thoughts on things.

On the last month of my stay in Israel, things became more intense. With the kidnapping and killing of three jewish kids in the West Bank, which the Israelis attribute to Hamas in Gaza, a wave of hate broke out in Israel. Israeli activists where calling for revenge and officially demonstrated for an arab-free state. Even though there was no responsibility claim for this kidnapping and killing, right-wing Israelis burned a palestinian child while it was still alive. Now the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is bombing Gaza to put pressure on Palestine. Yesterday my palestinian friends posted horrible videos on Facebook showing dead babies caused of military operations in Gaza and the West Bank.
Stop the bombing! Stop the killing!
Let there be peace in the Holy Land!