Koni – Bs Crooked

Text: Koni // Pictures: Biemer

The idea of  sending two skaters, one photographer and one videographer to sicily  was already a crazy imagination, but somehow it worked out pretty good. I was super motivated, because I’ve never been in sicily and I wanted do a few tricks for Saco’s new video called Homopopgun. At that time I also needed to shoot some photos with Biemer for an article in Placemag. Our time in Sicily was awesome! The Weather, good spots, good mood, good beer, great locals and no serious injuries. Thus we were well prepared to explore sicily, eight days of non-stop skating was really exhausting. We pushed through the streets of Catania and found this spot by accident. My fisrt reaction was: that’s the photo! Now, I need a trick! I came up with the idea of doing a fs smith grind, but I quickly forgot about that, because the thing is, I would have to stand above the rail and the height was pretty scary. That’s why I decided to choose another trick where I have to push the board more likely against the rail and my the body weight is on the safe side of the rail. The croocked on the rail was more of a warm-up-trick to get to knwo the spot, the rail, the run up etc. So much for croocked. If you want to check out Koni’s Fs Tailslide, head over to Placemag for the picture and an Interview with Koni.