Koni is a phenomenon


From time to time, he sends me tons of photos taken with his phone: rails, curbs and ledges. Don’t get me wrong. He isn’t a nerd or someone similar. He is more a dedicated professional. Every photo is a challenge he wants to take for himself (and me as a filmer). Over the years he built an unusual archive of personalized spots and skatehistory.

We’ve became such good partners that mostly no spot we went to, isn’t signed by a masterpiece of him. Luckily for you, the results were captchured by my camera and are now in my first full-length skatevideo MK 1 in which I share all of my feelings and experiences during the last 3 years with some really amazing dudes.
Koni, I’m thankful and salute you for some of the best moments in my life and a great part! The future is yours!
You can purchase the video here: http://gambags.tumblr.com/