To prove that we’re not lying and this thing works in every situation, we provided our collective with a jacket each to skate around town on a rather breezy autumn afternoon. See the outcome below.


Strength is derived from unity. The range of our collective vision is far greater when individual insights become one.





Collaboration derives from the latin words con for “with” and laborare, which means work in the classic, sweat-and-stains sense.
Why we’re telling you that? Well, because we think that collaboration in the true sense of the word is just about what Love Me emobies. We are all about the con, beginning with our board graphics, for which the collaborating artists are basically always free to submit whatever they want. We provide the canvas, let’s work together. Also that’s also what our collective does: Laborare – working in the streets, in the woodshop, behind the lens, or wherever they please. The big picture is just the sum of the parts brought in by each individual – there is is no single Love Me, there is at least a dozen.
So keeping that in mind it’s a no brainer that when our good friends from Forvert approached us to work on a collaborative winter jacket for their current collection our answer was: “Sure!” We dug out an old japanese Denim jacket, which seemed to have just the perfect cut and came up with a cut similar to the old one, but rethought for even better practicality. As winter is approaching we wanted to make sure that you’re going to stay warm out there, so we fitted the jacket with that cozy wool you’d always wished for in winter. So it’s nice and warm, while the cut still secures for enough flexibility to assist you in whatever you’re doing this winter. Because, you guessed it, that’s what this baby is for – the laborare, the skating, the falling, the getting up.