This was the invitation:

This month‘s LoveMe After Midnight will take place at the infamous flat in Wedding, also known as BHNDRTNWRKSTT: a spot which is a work of art in its own right. So you certainly won‘t want to miss the last chance to hang out in there before Tobi, Amy and Lars move out for ever. The night‘s visual motto is Thrashin’ , so prepare for some surprises. Drinks will be budget-friendly, so you won‘t need to worry about your source of cold ones. Again, Tobi, Lars and Dennis will take care of musical entertainment, spinning their collections of sweet vinyl for your delight. At 12 pm we will have a special live act by our friend Etkin. Etkin is from Istanbul/Turkey, who has been living in Berlin for one year and is the singer and gutiar player of Istanbul based Psych-Pop Band Farfara. The method of his music making is stream of consciousness by looping his instruments mostly such as guitars, synths and vocals, where you can capture influences of early Psych-Rock, African polyrythms, trance of repetative Kraut, Drone,Ambient,Techno and lots of love to Popmusic. As usual this will be for our friends as much as for friends of friends, so please feel free to bring your comrades. We‘re looking forward to see you all on friday!Yours truly,

The Collective