Sings Of Life

TEXT & PICS: Alex Böhm

For the last two months I have been staying in Vancouver where I am very glad to have met up with Seb. He is not only one of the coolest guys in town that I know because he shows me around and makes me smile. The full-blood skater, Seb, is a builder of skateboard-ramps who gives all his creativity and lifeblood to the skateboard scene of Vancouver. One of his most gnarliest things what I´ve seen from his buildings is the DIY Spot on East Hasting Street, called Leeside Hasting. When I saw this clip I missed Berlin so much, as homies having fun together and producing energy. Especially New Years Eve in Berlin which has a single firework, compared with Vancouver, you can only listen to the melody of many boots-hides which is kind of magical too but not quite the same for me. It is a weird fact, that you can get fireworks only on Halloween. However, it is a huge party where everybody dresses up and drinks to the melody of fireworks.

It is crazy that the piece of wood under my feet makes the world smaller for me. I helped Seb to built a Miniramp in a Bar in Downtown, Vancouver. Before we went to kind of jam at Joe´s Apartment, we hung out for while in the undercover SBC restaurant. The place served us with everything that you would need. A huge ramp in a restaurant, a nice party and to sweeten the package the videopremiere of the “strange things done under the midnight sun”.

Afterwards we switched to the next party, thanks to Matt. He has a magic House with wheels. But I guess the pictures are speaking for itself