These hands are different

Text: Schilling  // Pictures: Vutuc

Skating, filming and driving through the city with Sergej and Francisco, trying to find new unskated spots, like usually. With these hands beeing part of the crew, it had been some different days of skating. The whole atmosphere of skating Berlin felt new and amazing. It is like you are reading a really good book for the fourth time and you can’t stop, because you always see something new in it. Together with these hands you want to skate everything.

Want to see these wallrides in motion? Francisco’s new video called “The Homo Pop Gun” featuring Konstantin Rutschmann, Hannes Schilling, Julian Thyssen, Karsten Kleppan, Dallas Rockvam, Callum Paul, Sylvain Tognelli, Charles Collet, Jan Kliewer, and others around Berlin will be out this month. Don’t miss the premiere on 10. Oct. at Villa Neukölln.