What‘s the deal with the chair?

Tobi Haussmann gave me an old pool coping. That‘s where I asked myself what I could do with that piece of stone. Somehow I came up with the idea of that chair. People occasionally like to sit on ramps. So I thought that I could just put that secondary use forward and build a chair that one could skate. Or put the other way around, make sitting on the ramp a little more comfy.
I have another idea in my head, namely to make a bench out of a curbstone. Another place where one sometimes enjoys hanging out. Some people skate it, some people sit on it.

What is it now in practice? A skateable chair or a ramp where one can sit on?

Well, there‘s definitely both in it. Is it more of a ramp or more of a chair? I don‘t even want it to be put into a specific direction. Actually it is meant to remain open, the decision is to be made by the viewer. Probably the skater might tend to see it as a ramp, while somebody else who is not into skateboarding will most likely merely see a chair. With a questionable foot rest.
I stumbled upon a quote yesterday, which I think is quite suitable here.

„The artwork needs to be something that is not to stay and according to that the social context must become reorganized“ (Niklas Luhmann)

So the social context plays a major role, as much as the place where the object is placed.