Vol. II of the delicious SAFT Series:

Our friends and members of the Loveme collective, Tobi Thomas an Lars Noll, are back with their very own SAFT Series, that started in November last year :

So if you want to have a good time this weekend, put on your dancing shoes and go to:

Antje Öklesund

Rigaer Str.71-73, 10247 Berlin, Germany
Doors open: 21:30

This time with:

WHITE WEST (Post Punk / Wave)

The White West. The glorious realm of peace. The taintless Good. The free market, the invisible Hand. The superior culture, the crusades. Patriarchy and privileges. We were just born here. White West: A band from Berlin, somewhere between New Wave and Post Punk. Joy Division without self loathing. Sisters of Mercy minus sunglasses. The Cure without the cure.
Tonight, White West are gonna play for you.


PARI PARI (French Garage / Punk)
Punk en Francaise!


A DJ-Duo put together in one confusing name. Lars and his Kumpel will be spinning vinyls ranging from Garage and Post-Punk to Psychedelic, Kraut and Afrobeats.