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Text : 3ECK Collective

In early 2012, 3ECK, a collective of Berlin-based artists, realized a piece of art as described by Beuys by creating the participative exhibition Rampenlicht

(spotlight/ramp light). As a continuation of this same dialogic process of creation in Stattbad, the collective is now realizing Die Welle (The Wave) as an essential conclusion to the impressions collected over the last few months. Inspired by the triangle-shaped skateboardramp exhibited at Rampenlicht, 3ECK has combined a variety of circles and dissolved them into a giant organic sculpture – a sculpture that inspires any spectator or participant to give in, let a new, creative force take over and live in an open exchange.

As a dynamic object, The Wave follows Joseph Beuys’ example of working and performing, creating a life-synthesing piece of art that results in a social sculpture, a completed tangible form that is likely to emerge whenever people feel and perceive without judgement. It’s an interactive evolution that does not follow a given scale and can be altered at any second.

Not only does a piece of art become a process,
an action, an ongoing conference,
but the development of society itself shall also
be regarded as a plastic process,
a piece of art,
that free individuals create themselves.

(Beuys. We Are the Revolution) 

The initial idea behind the wave-shaped ramp is clear. It symbolizes a recollection of the skateboard movement‘s roots: some of the first skateboarders were surfers, surfers who were looking for the perfect wave – even outside the water. As an experienceable object the wave is first of all an oversized skateboard-ramp in the shape of a wave that reminds the spectator of a megaramp. Thanks to its conceptual design, however, it can at the same time be used at a much smaller scale.

At a width of 33 feet, the wooden stream pours down into the deep end of the former men‘s swimming pool, where it hits the blue-tiled wall, slowly rises up, and finally breaks at the breathtaking height of 20 feet. The dynamic power of moving water, icebound within a wooden sculpture. A snapshot. Accessible. Palpable. Playable and tangible.

The swimming pool was filled with water for almost a century. It withstood two world wars, was destroyed and rebuilt, and has always been a place bursting with life. The Wave commemorates this living energy and revives it in its own way.

It becomes a playground for a whole city.

The goal of collective 3ECK and its partner Stattbad is to raise the amount of 40.000 € required to realize this project, during a two month campaign from March 1st until April 30th, 2014.

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The Wave has a wide range of possible uses because of its design and size.
Besides its function as a skate ramp, it is intended to become a platform for a variety of cultural events, such as theatrical performances, movie screenings, classical and modern concerts, exhibitions, readings, and so on.

The intention behind the project is to create a forum for cultural exchange in which anyone can take part. It is a comprehensive piece of art that grows and thrives because of the ongoing events and happenings that take place on the basis of its existence. It
is an egalitarian object that invites its own co-creation. Thus the interactive process already begins with a three-week construction period and culminates in the following six-week exhibition phase.

The project is expected to run from July 8th until September 14th, 2014. Vernissage will take place August 1st.

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Since its formation in 2009, 3ECK has dedicated its work to life’s artistic process. What initially began as a dispersed yet clearly articulated idea of a couple of young artists has evolved into a more indefinable yet structured approach over the last few years.

In addition to The Wave, text and photos will document the collective’s development. In this documentation, the actual dialogue between art, design and architecture will be exposed.

The goal of collective 3ECK and its partner Stattbad is to raise the amount of 40.000 € required to realize this project, during a two month campaign from March 1st until April 30th, 2014.

To contain the democratic character of the project 3ECK an its Partner Stattbad chose to run an online crowdfunding campaign to achieve that goal .

We would be pleased if you were interested in cooperating with us working on this unique project.

David Lichtenauer

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