White Trash Tonight

Some more pics of the White Trash Ramp built by our two craftsman David Lichtenauer & Lars Noll a.k.a Planen und Sägen

Pics: Patrick Kleiner

This Friday a very special project will open it‘s doors to the public. White Trash, widely known burger and rock ´n´roll mixologists will open up their new venue in Kreuzberg including David and Lars‘ latest ramp-extravaganza. Be there early to aim for free beer with tricks! Session starts at 6pm sharp. Exhibition at 8, Party `til late.

See you there! More infos and pics here –> www.placeskateboarding.de/friday-13-the-stargate-opens/


If you want to get in contact with the two crazy builder guys go here PLANEN UND SÄGEN





planen und saegen

planen und saegen2